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I'm Dhanush Shetty aka Dhanush C S, I was born in Hassan and being brought up in Chinakurali, a village close to Melkote Temple Wildlife Sanctuary, Mandya, Karnataka, India.

Currently, I'm doing my doctoral studies at the Centre for Wildlife Studies on understanding wild elphants in the human dominated landscapes.

Before it, I did the Ram Hattikudur Advanced Training in Conservation at Zoo Outreach Organisation, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Also working as a Consultant for Humane Society International & The Liana Trust part time. Previously, I have worked as reserch intern at Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS), Rainforest Connection (RFCx) in their collaborative Elephant acoustic project and in GIZ's Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Project’. I have done my masters in Wildlife and Management and Bachelors in Agricultural biotechnology. During my Master’s I have worked on Elephants of the coffee land: “Human elephant conflict in coffee based agroforestry systems of Chikmagalur, Western Ghats, India” A funded project by Vision group on Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka, India;

I'm always curious to know about mysterious nature and like to work with people who strive to preserve the endangered species ranging from flying mini mammal (Bats) to mega mammal (Elephants). I have my interest in Birding, Herping, Origami, Advanced science in ancient mythology, Stone inscriptions. I love Coffee, Carnatic music, Mythological stories, Comics, Collecting Commemorative coins and Postage Stamps. I do create Wildlife Illustrations, Code, Map in my spare time.

Research Interests:

Human dimensions of Wildlife, Geospatial Ecology, Bioacoustics, Community Conservation, Coexistence, Conservation Genetics, Conservation ecology, #SciComm, #Tech4wildlife

Kuvempu University, Shankaragatta, Shivamogga

Master of Science

Wildlife and Management.

Jul 2018 to Sep 2020

University of Agricultural sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru

Bachelor of Science

Agricultural Biotechnology.

May 2013 to Apr 2017

Project Intern

Dr. Neeraj Khera (Team leader)

Indo-German Biodiversity Programme, GIZ, India

Jul 2020 to Dec 2020

'Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Project'

Project Fellow (VGST)

Dr. Vijaya Kumara (Assoc. Professor)

Department of Wildlife & Management, Kuvempu University

Aug 2018 to Aug 2020

'Elephants in Coffee land: Trends & Drivers of Human–Elephant Conflicts
in Coffee Agroforestry Landscapes of Chikmagalur, Western Ghats, India'

Project Coordinator

Mr. Raju M P (Panchayat Development Officer)

Karnataka Biodiversity Board

Feb 2020 to Aug 2020

'Peoples' Biodiversity Register of Narayanapura GP, Mandya'

Research Intern

Mr. Surendra Varma (Scientist)

Asian Nature Conservation Foundation, IISc, Bengaluru

May 2019 to Aug 2019

'Understanding elephant population demographics using Synchronized elephant population estimation, India 2017 data'

Research Intern

Dr. Sanjay Gubbi (Scientist)

Nature Conservation Foundation, Banashankari, Bengaluru

Dec 2018 to Jan 2019

'Understanding the ecology of leopards in Karnataka
(Western Ghats Programme)'

Research fellow

Dr. Raghavendra S (Asst. Professor)

Department of Forestry, College of Agriculture, Hassan

Feb 2018 to Jul 2018

'Remote sensing & GIS application in Ecological & Socio-economic analysis of Human-Elephant conflict in agriculture landscapes of Alur & Sakleshpur'

Junior Graphic Design Intern

Mr. Mathang (Creative Director)

The Third Person Marketing & Advertising Agency

Sep 2017 to Jan 2018

'Creative designs and ads for different Indian based companies'

Hands on Trainee

Dr. Nagesha N (Asst. Professor)

Department of Biotechnology, College of Agriculture, Hassan

Mar 2017 to Jul 2017

'Standardizing the micropropagation protocol for biofuel crop Melia dubia (Malabar neem)'

Field Intern

Dr. Krishnaprasad B T (Assoc. Professor)

Department of Biotechnology, College of Agriculture, Hassan

Aug 2017

'Rural Agricultural Work Experience Programme (Kadalu village, Hassan)'

Inplant trainee

Dr. Usharani (Scientist)

Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Hesaraghatta, Bengaluru

Dec 2016 to Mar 2017

'Standardising molecular and tissue culture protocol used in development of Cucumber Mosaic Virus resistant transgenic tomato.'


Mr. Rajesh Puttaswamaiah (Citizen scientist)

Bat Conservation India Trust

Sep 2018 to Present

'Conservation education & outreach'


Mr. Hemanth Byatroy (Programme manager)

Humane Society International/India

Mar 2020 to May 2020

'Conservation education'


Mr. Gerry Martin (Herpetologist)

The Gerry Martin Project

Jun 2020 to Jul 2020

'Human-russel's viper conflict mitigation project'


Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan (Scientist) & Dr. Ian Mendel (Scientist)

National Centre for Biological Sciences & NU Singapore

Aug 2019

'Bat associated zoonotic diseases in human habitats of India'


Ms. Soundarya Valli (Regional head)


Jul 2019 to Jul 2020

'Conservation education'


Mr. Surendra Varma (Scientist)

Friends of elephant

May 2019 to Aug 2019

'Conservation eduacation & Outreach'



The observation of birds in their natural habitats


Act of searching for amphibians or reptiles in their natural habitats

Insect watching

The observation of Insects including butterflies and moths in their natural habitats


A decorative pattern or an artform

Collecting Coins & Stamps

Collection of specially minted commemorative coins and stamps


the art or practice of taking and processing photographs


● Elephants in the Coffee land

I worked under the guidance of Dr Vijaya Kumara, Kuvempu University for his Vision Group of Science and technology, DBT, Govt. of karnataka funded project

We used geospatial techniques, socio-economic survey, camera trapping, mitigation analysis & evaluation to study the impact of elephant crop raiding on the owners and working staff of coffee estates of Chikmagalur, Western Ghats.

Our project also had aimed at isolating DNA from elephant dung to analyze patterns in genetic diversity, gene flow, and effective population size among different elephant populations but due to COVID 19 pandemic we had to limit our work.

● Elephants in the Agricultural lands

I worked under the guidance of Dr Raghavendra, Dept of Forestry & Environmental Sciences, Agricultural College, Hassan for his Directorate of research, University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru funded project

As part of this project I had the role of using geospatial techniques (LULCC, NDVI, DEM, Hotspot mapping) to understand the change in Human-Elephant conflict, crop raiding pattern over the decades in Alur & Sakleshpur, Hassan, Western Ghats.

● CMV resistant transgenic Tomato

I worked under the guidance of Dr Usharani, Dept of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of horticultural research (IIHR), Hesaraghatta, Bengaluru.

As a inplant trainee had the role of standardising the tissue culture and genetic engineering protocol for cucumber mosaic virus resistant Transgenic tomato

● Micropropogation of Biofuel crop Malabar neem (Melia dubia)

I worked under the guidance of Dr Nagesha N, Dept of Biotechnology, Agricultural College, Hassan.

As a Hands on training (HOT) student I had the role of standardising the tissue culture protocol and media for biofuel crop Melia dubia


● Ashritha Anoop, Shweta Madgulkar, Dhanush Shetty, et al., (2021) The Mahseer's redemption! Can we save India's freshwater megafauna from hybridization?. (PDF)

● Dhanush Shetty, Vijaya Kumara (2021). Elephants in the Coffee land: Human elephant conflict in coffee based agroforestry systems of Chikmagalur, Western Ghats, India { IN PIPELINE } (PDF)

● Dhanush Shetty (2020). Peoples' Biodiversity Register: A baseline data of Narayanapura GP, Mandya (PDF)

● Nesar Holla, Dhanush Shetty, Surendra Varma (2019). Nesar's Nature Diary (PDF)

Useful links

● IUCN Asian Elephant Specialist Group Link

● IUCN SSC Human Wildlife Conflict Task Force Link

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